We believe that

good technology is only good when applied correctly.

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We provide comprehensive solutions
using best-of-breed technology

All of our solutions are based on the best technologies available on the market today. We also do our own technology development to further better our solutions. Our approach is to use the leading technologies available today, and transform them into robust, easy to use solutions that can be used in industrial environments. We have extensive experience around different industries and their special considerations and needs.

Our solutions are based on three core technology areas. These areas are; software, positioning technology and sensors.


Our software is based on development done in-house. We are utilizing the leading software development practices available today.


We develop our own indoor positioning technology, that is based on Bluetooth 5. We also provide solutions based on satellite and RFID positioning.


We work with the leading manufacturers of sensors around the world, in order to provide the best sensory information available.

Hypercell Eye

Access your untapped data using our IoT platform software.

Born on the cloud

Our Hypercell Eye is a cloud-native software and service package that provides automatic scaling and security for your data.

Secure your data

We take data security seriously. We support data encryption and role-based access to all data. Personal and sensitive data are kept separate with highly restricted access.

Deploy as on-premises

Hypercell Eye can also be deployed locally, in a on-premises deployment. Using the local deployment, your data will never leave your site.

Access reports

You will be able to access a wide variety of reports, such as; hourly reports on who has been where, exception reports of around any location or sensory data and more.

Hybrid deployment

Our hybrid deployment setup provides you with the best of both worlds, scalability of the cloud combined with the physical control of your data on-premises.

Automatic Alerts

You are able to set thresholds for any number of features, such as; when a certain temperature is exceeded, an asset is moved out of range of your facility and more.

All of our solutions scale with you

You do not need to worry about scaling, all of our solutions are based on technologies that scale automatically with you.

Hypercell Positioning

Positioning technology for indoor and outdoor use cases.


A seamless tracking experience when assets are handled within or outside your facility. We provide multitracking technology that combines outdoor and indoor tracking.

Bluetooth 5

We provide indoor tracking using Bluetooth 5 technology. The tracking beacons and base stations are designed in-house to suit the demanding industrial needs.

Satellite tracking

We provide outdoor tracking of assets or personnel using satellite tracking. The satellite tracking in fully integrated with the rest of our products.

RFID technology

We provide indoor tracking using RFID technology. Our base RFID tracking system provides standard tracking of assets and personnel.

Open data

We provide you with the option to open your data to external needs. Access to the data is controlled and supervised, in order to reduce any related risks. You can also restrict access based on data classification.

Advanced tracking

We are developing a technology for indoor tracking that enables precision with an accuracy of down to 1 centimeter, with minimal hardware investment.

Better indoor positioning using Bluetooth 5

Bluetooth 5 offers 4x the range compared to older versions.

Hypercell Sensors

World's leading sensory technology integrated with our software and positioning.

Environmental sensors

Our environmental sensors can track temperature, humidity, moisture, pressure and electromagnetic radiation.

Hazardous material

Our sensors can detect a wide variety of chemicals and gases from the surrounding air.

Motion sensors

With our motion sensors, you are able to measure acceleration, tilt, velocity and displacement.

Fluid sensors

Our fluid sensors can detect and report flows of fluids, leaks and fluid levels.

Optical and acoustic sensors

Our optical and acoustic sensors can be used for machine vision and to detect light, sound and vibration.

Load sensors

Our load sensors can be used to measure and detect force, load and torque.

Interested in our software, positioning technology or sensors? Let us know and we will contact you for further discussion.

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