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Increased safety

Increasing safety targets to reduce the number of work-related accidents and deaths.
Reduction can be achieved thru multiple ways.
Here are some of the scenarios where we can help.

Track your personnel during emergencies

In case of an emergency or accident in your facility, the location tracking of your personnel can help mitigate any casualties.

Automatically audit your security tours and checks

In making sure that all security tours and checks are done persistently and on time, our tracking of personnel can help automate the process.

Get notified when people are working in hazardous areas

During downtime or scheduled maintenance, the ability to track the location of your personnel can save lives and reduce accidents.

Informed decision-making

Having the ability to make decisions based on factual data can be empowering.
Using data driven decision-making, the results of the decision can also be measured.

Track the environmental conditions in your facility

Getting sensory data about the working conditions in your facility, can help you make the correct decisions - all based on actual data.

Optimize your workflow based on sensory input

Getting sensory data around your facility, can help you adjust your workflows for better efficiency, faster operations and better reliability.

Predict failures and exceptions based on sensory readings

Having access to sensory data can help you predict a maintenance need, before a breakdown occurs. This can save you precious time and resources.

Better efficiency

Efficiency is not only about how to get the job done with the minimum amount of resources,
but also how to keep your workers engaged and happy.

Automatic hourly reports based on worker attendance

Automatic hourly reporting can reduce the need for manual labor tracking systems. When done automatically, there is little room for human errors.

Assess your costs based on where the workers spend time

In a project oriented way of working, it can be important to know what piece of process takes up the most resources.

Optimize your workforce based on location and sensory data

By having access to a set of combined location and sensory data, you will be able to address downtime and problems as soon as they start raising.

We provide solutions for multiple industries

Our technology is suitable for many industries. We have solid experience in working with many different industries.
Some of the industries that benefit from the IoT solutions.

Electric Power Industry

The electric power industry has many high security facilities that need to be protected but also safety is key.

Oil and Gas Industry

The Oil and Gas Industry has facilities that require extreme safety, specifically such as the oil rigs and other remote locations.

Shipbuilding Industry

In the Shipbuilding Industry, safety of the workers is key but can also benefit from solutions around managing the workforce.

Construction Industry

In the Construction Industry, usually many contractors work in the same location and it is important to know who is doing what.

Production Industry

Efficiency is key in factory environments. The Production Industry can increase efficiency with connected robots.

Travel and Logistics Industry

In the Travel and Logistics Industry, it is important to keep track of all travelers and their belongings.

Are you interested in one of the industry solutions mentioned here, or maybe something completely new?

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