We are

Hypercell Industries

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We are Hypercell Industries

Our business is to help industries achieve and exceed their targets by increasing quality and work efficiency.

We provide advanced solutions in tracking, storing and learning from all possible variables in your production facility. Using our solution, enables you to secure valuable and important personnel and assets in your facilities.

Our solutions include indoor personnel tracking, suitable for production environments, such as factories, power plants, construction yards, shipyards and more.

We also provide an end-to-end view on everything that is important in your facility.

Our values

We believe that our values reflect who we are.

01. Safety

Every avoided death and accident is very important to us.

02. Environment

This globe is for all of us, so lets treat it in such a way.

03. Future

There are still so many things left undiscovered.

04. Quality

Good quality also means less waste and better sustainability.

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