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We are Hypercell Industries

We provide comprehensive Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for different industries.
Our goal is to simply and effectively solve problems by harnessing the power of data.


Electric Power Industry

Increasing the safety in power plants and other power generation facilities.

Oil and Gas Industry

Increasing safety on oil drilling platforms, gas processing plants and more.

Shipbuilding Industry

Increase productivity and safety in shipbuilding yards and manage contractor responsibilities.

Construction Industry

Increase safety on construction yards and manage contractor access and responsibilities.

Production Industry

Increase production efficiency in factories and production facilities.

Travel and Logistics Industry

Increase work efficiency in logistics centres, airports, harbours and more.

We can help your organization to achieve your goals

Using untapped data within your organization can help your business reach new heights.
In the era of the fourth industrial revolution, utilizing the hidden potential of your data is crucial. Let us help you with that!

Increased safety

The safety of your personnel is paramount in any working environment. See how we can help you in making sure that everyone stays safe.

Informed decision-making

During this information age, organizations produce a vast amount of data - that in many cases remain untapped. See how we can help in getting it to use.

Better efficiency

The efficient utilization of all resources is key for any business in reaching and exceeding their goals. See how we can help in optimizing your processes.


We estimate that in 2020, people will have access to over 50 billion connected devices.

Absolute control over your untapped data

Control Access

Secure access thru role-based access controls.


Data encryption provides additional security.

Fully Scalable

Scalable environment grows with your needs.


Access your critical information anywhere.

Outdoor Tracking

Satellite-based tracking of assets around the world.

Indoor Tracking

RFID- and Bluetooth-based tracking of personnel or assets indoors.


Monitor the environmental conditions in your facilities, such as temperature and humidity.

Hazardous Leaks

Monitor your facilities and other locations for any hazardous gases, leaks or material.


Analyse trends and hotspots for the basis of future optimisation.


Get notified of any desired exception that occurs in your facility or elsewhere.

Our technologies
include ... satellite trackingadvanced Bluetooth 5 positioningadvanced RFID positioningenvironmental monitoring sensorsintelligent data analysis 

Interested in our technology?

We aim to offer the best of breed technology in solving our customer's problems.

Is there anything that we could help you with? We love challenging problems.

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